Supply Chain & Logistics


5 ways to improve vendor communications in a supply chain crisis

It’s time to look beyond price and focus on forming lasting relationships with your valued suppliers.


The retail supply chain is hot, hot, hot

Amid shortages and disruptions, e-commerce orders are on fire at the same time as brick-and-mortar sales are heating up. Retailers are looking to technology and innovative strategies to keep up.


WMS: At the Core of Resilience

By working in tandem with other warehouse systems, robotics and automation, WMS has positioned itself as a must-have supply chain application for companies across the board -- especially in tackling the labor shortage and adapting to change.


Reshaping Global Supply Chains

With less emphasis on cost and a bigger focus on risk reduction, organizations are rethinking their supply chain design and coming up with new ways to keep these critical networks running smoothly.


Logistics Labor 2020: Filling the Void

As the business world shakes off the impacts of COVID-19 and executes plans for the future, the logistics sector is providing new opportunities for displaced workers from other industries. For logistics managers, now is the time to find talent that wasn’t accessible in the tight labor market.


The Democratization of TMS

Once reserved for large companies with deep pockets, transportation management systems (TMS) are now accessible to a wide range of shippers across all industries.


Ember: Finding the perfect temperature

Inventor of the world’s first temperature-controlled mugs turns to a single third-party logistics provider to support its massive sales growth and worldwide supply chain operations.

women in sc.jpg

Women in the Supply Chain: How far have we come?

A Big Picture look at the inroads women are making in the supply chain field and what still needs to happen to increase their numbers in employee and senior leadership roles.