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Manufacturing & Distribution 

Business in 2019: Distributors and Suppliers Look Ahead

NAED members and preferred suppliers discuss the electrical distribution sector’s prospects for 2019, talk about their key challenges, and reveal what opportunities they’ll be investing the most time and money in during the coming year.

Is Your Precast Plant Continuously Improving … or Stagnating?

Precast manufacturers can stay ahead and gain efficiencies with the right mindset. 

What Your Electrical Contractors Want From You in 2019

Here are seven things that electrical contractors say they want from their electrical distributors this year.

Neither Rain Nor Snow Keeps Precast From Performing

Precast manufacturing clears away multiple construction headaches on a major infrastructure project in Suffolk, Va.

Is Amazon Business Really Taking Over B2B Distribution?

NAED members speak up on Amazon Business’ latest push into their territories and discuss how they’re standing up to this B2B e-tailing giant as it tries to infringe on their turfs and steal their market share.

Sharpening the Axe: Ramping Up Your Sales Team’s Technical Expertise

It’s not enough to show up at your customer’s doorstep with a box of fresh bagels and a smile anymore; customers expect good advice, expertise, and technical acumen. Here’s how distributors can set themselves apart as product experts in the constantly-evolving electrical arena.

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